Pronunciation Guide – The Quiescence Trilogy

Have you ever read a high fantasy novel and wondered how to pronounce all those made-up words? Yeah, me too. So here’s a handy pronunciation guide for the fantasy terms in my debut trilogy, The Quiescence Trilogy.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I want to say that I actually love letting readers find their own pronunciations. I love listening to people sound out the weird words in their own garbled gibberish. Everyone has their own interpretation, which is fun! And I like to think it gives them a sense of ownership over the story too.

Audiobook Pronunciation

However, in this world of audiobooks, I suspect nobody wants a narrator who pronounces words differently every time. And since I need to record the narration, I figured I could share my personal pronunciations.

So here is the official audiobook pronunciation guide for The Quiescence Trilogy. Feel free to ignore it and keep going with whatever pronunciations you prefer 🙂

Quiescence Trilogy Pronunciation